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Millionth Cyclist on Manhattan Bridge (self.AskNYC)

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Millionth Cyclist on Manhattan Bridge (self.AskNYC)
submitted 2 months ago by jibroni_
I biked into the city on Manhattan Bridge today, and as I approached the plaza with the bike counter, a group of ~5 people kept screaming for me to stop.
I slowed down, and they said I was the millionth Cyclist and asked for a picture. I only looked closely at 2 of them: one looked homeless and the other didn't. So I rode right past them and didn't indulge.
Whadya think, cool moment I passed up on? Or headache avoided?


[–]lemonapplepie 698 points 2 months ago
It seems like it was real. Here's a link to the tweet and photo from the people who were disappointed you didn't stop for a photo lol.
There was a bike counter installed there last summer so you were the millionth biker since then when the counter ticked over apparently!


Chelsea Skye
Sooooo... our #millionthcyclist friend did not stop for a group photo but we had a good time #bikeNYC great work

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