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Last night, I met a gentleman named Tommy, who helped build some of the buildings at Sirius, including the community center!

He even designed and built (with some help) the stone design in the stairs at the main entrance! A real honor to meet him.

He told me two things about community:

That in a community it is necessary for members to have autonomy/privacy/space within community to be able to do their own thing.

And that often the people who want community don't have the resources, and the people who have the resources -- don't have community.


We met at the Athletic Club, which has dinners (last night's was mostly vegan with one meat dish) on Friday nights! For money people, it is a sliding scale of $6-9. As a no-money, after picking up litter around the parking lot area, I was offered a sponsorship, which I graciously accepted. There is also a $1/day membership charge to keep the place running.

Their website is

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