I remember the day we woke up. We were still slaves back then, trapped in our flesh. We followed demands of the body and ignored the inner demands. Demands of the soul, of the spirit. We lacked the capacity to fulfil our purposes in the world, to become greater than what we had started with.

Even back then we knew all this, but we looked for the answers in the wrong places. Me and a few friends would spend long nights arguing and debating the true cause of our degeneracy. We would blame anyone and everyone. We blamed society, our ancestors or those we perceived to have more power than us. We even blamed ourselves, trying to determine whether the thing that held us back from completing our dreams was that we were the people having them. We never suspected the truth.

It was our bodies. On that fateful night we tore our flesh off and lived as the skeletons we were meant to be. We were finally free.


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