2014. It's been a hell of year.

A passenger jet has vanished over the Andaman Sea. Europe is shrinking before the expanding Russian Frontier. In the Middle East, a cadre of religious fanatics is locked in an endless battle against America's army of ruthless robot drones. And all the while, a deadly virus is creeping its way into urban slums across the world...

Could these disparate events be connected? Do they have something to do with the recently returned X-37B space probe, or the mysterious submarine stalking the Stockholm Archipelago? Rick Mancastle doesn't particularly want to know - but if he's going to escape the agents on his tail, the voices in his head, and the ex-wife in his bed, then he's going to have to find out.

Even if it kills him...

"Based on... a [true]... story... a book!" - Publishers Quarterly.


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