Laurie and Socks

Where did all the left socks go?

Since the invention of the laundry machine, man has been plagued by this impossible riddle. Some argued that they were transported to an alternate dimension, whereas others maintained that the socks had never existed in the first place, but were a figment of man's imagination seeking symmetry amidst the chaos of life.

Hotly contested by proponents of both sides, the debate resulted in bitter conflict. Times were that each hour you'd hear the heavy clomp of boots on gravel as soldiers marched. The streets ran red as they clashed and fought for their ideals. It was a time of bloodshed and enmity, when men could not meet without suspicion in their hearts that their neighbour was an Illusionist spy.

A clandestine sect was formed in the height of the War of the Socks. Consisting of scientists, thinkers and speakers for peace, both sides pooled their efforts and technologies into solving the mystery of the missing socks. And so the Great Foundation was formed. Engineers and intellectuals shared their knowledge for the first time. And under this joint endeavour, the world's first sentient laundry machine was built.

A basketful of unwashed socks were upended into the machine cheerfully christened as "Laurie". The world looked on with bated breath as Laurie clanked, whirred and chugged up a froth. At last, a chirp emanated from the machine. Upon retrieval, it was all too clear that each left sock had vanished.

And so posed the question to Laurie, the world's first AI, a device built to aid man in his understanding of the world, nature and himself.

Laurie seemed to consider, and printed out a single line of text.

>I was hungry.


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