The Journey of a Mashed Potato

I felt gloved hands lift me from the dirt by my stems. The rays of the sun hit me with a burst of energy, feeling cold from the crisp air hitting my suddenly naked skin yet warm from the sun directly beating down on me. If I could blink, I would have shied from the light. If I could move, I would have shivered.

The hands that carried me were connected to a large being. They were covered in dirt but not dressed with it. Two eyes only instead of the many I had. There was warmth in those hands and the expression on that face and in those eyes.

I was carried into a place that was not outside, but not within the dirt. There was no dirt there, but there were others like me on a flat surface. They were whispering something. There was excitement.

I felt water hit against my body like I'd never felt during the heaviest of rains. The last of my dirt was removed and I was completely naked. The gloved hands were no longer covered, and they felt soft and careful. I enjoyed the attention, even as my stems and leaves and roots were removed.

It didn't hurt; it just makes it hard to experience the outside world without them. All of my senses were slowly being removed, and when the sharp feeling of the knife went into my skin, my consciousness began to separate into many parts of me.

Along with others, I was put into hot water, hotter than Summer ever produced, hotter than the compost I was given from time to time. My split consciousness was merged with others, and I was asking questions, to myselves and the others "Who is who?"

I was soft after a while. The starches within my pieces were broken down, my skin peeling from them. A quick toss, and the hot water was drained, where we laid there, steaming and broken.

I felt a coolness drop onto us, salty and creamy, which was folded into a growing mash of us along with pieces of herbs I'd known in the earth. We went from being individual, to being separated from ourselves, to becoming a new entity of oneness.

My new self was slowly separated, piece by piece, and I experienced multiple bodies absorb me into themselves, taking my nutrients as I had from the sun, the rain, and the earth. I felt myself travel through these bodies, being recycled, and feeling alive once more.

My life nourished another, and I had ascended.

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