come on!这怎么是西部轮回呢?是东

come on!这怎么是西部轮回呢?是东部啊!btw你要去纽约!记住:1.empire building--sunset!!!! hav to go there!!! sit there until the moon take the place of the sun!!! eslapielcy find 5th St. take a seat which is facing 5th St.!!! I promise you it will be AWESOME!!! in soho.3.dunt walk at night alone there!its dangerous.4.大都会博物馆!必须要去!5.upper east side!!!6.哥伦比亚大学!!一定要帮我拍相片啊!!7.记得帮我拍、times Sq的夜景!!之前我去没拍好,气死我了!!!8.一定要去Wall St的Triump Center(特普朗大厦),里面都是金碧辉煌,很漂亮的!9.还有呢,central park里面很大,我担心你会迷路,反正我是没去。我在大都会博物馆度过了大半天。大都会博物馆天台的展览品,每年都换的。记得要去看!I miss you!!!!!good luck!!!!nice trip!!!!I love American!!!

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