Has This Ever Happened to You?

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I went to school for Fine Arts. We did a (nude) life drawing of a late-middle aged gentleman who was always very well-spray-tanned orange.

A week later our landlord had his real estate agent come to our house to prepare to sell it. The real estate agent was orange-model guy and I had a giant naked drawing of him on my wall.


My wife and I were in a casino and she sat down to play Video Poker. After only 4 hands she hits a Royal Flush for $4,000.

The casino workers come to pay her out and a lady next to my wife also playing video poker sees it and asks my wife, "Can I rub your shoulder real fast before I play my next hand so I'll get a Royal Flush too?"

My wife and I look at each other very weirded out but my wife didn't want to come off rude, so she shrugs and says, "Sure."

The lady awkwardly rubs my wife's shoulder, hits Deal, and gets a Royal Flush. Also $4,000. All three casino workers, myself, my wife, and a couple nearby players just stood there with our jaws dropped. I'm not a superstitious man but what the fuck.


As a kid, like 10 or 12, on a school trip to Washington DC I was walking along the mall and found a puffy envelope laying on the ground. I picked it up, it had a Congressman's letterhead. Though maybe it was cash. I looked around, but no one was anywhere near me. Opened it up... It was full of weed.

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