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Software Updated to Version 5640d451..

Software Updated to Version 5640d451..

Installed software version has changed from a7bbc777.. to 5640d451..

5640d45 remove debug messages from post.php output
e64b484 update doc
60e02b9 add to known_issues
0efa7f2 simplify action_ok.template
91290a2 refactor post.php ; add just_posted.template ;
278b634 add 404 handler setting to lighttpd.conf
4b4d56a add 404 handler and template for it ; add nojs indicator to top menu (~~profile~~) ; get rid of meta refresh tags ; add js for write_php to write page (if php enabled) ; fix debug message ; add support for specifying a particular item-page to be generated in ;
3b67a29 rearrange item listing columns (author last)
bf0b87a adjust appearance of pressed voting buttons
aa2e79b add write_php.js.template ; commentOnChange() call to write2.template
bf1ba84 change advanced manual link from "pi" to "."
d013177 remove depr comment in avatar.js.template
0119dd1 hide "loading..." message from browsers without js
cc7b4cf restart lighttpd at the end of instead of stopping in the beginning and starting at the end
9587251 update todo
f2e40e5 make lighttpd port configurable
ab8119b add placeholder for php message in post.template ; fix bug with missing referrer in post.php ; add clearer messaging to post.php
daef7bb add default/admin/lighttpd/port and support for it
ac79487 touch author pages when admin changes
f004647 make AddItemToConfigList() more readable
8210028 move location of lighttpd.conf in
3d95e82 add more fallbacks for $homePageHasBeenWritten (write.html, top.html, then basic message)
7e98081 add killall lighttpd to command which restarts it
8ed193e add lighttpd handler to
0c27415 add lighttpd_server_modules.template (unused atm)
68213c0 remove lighttpd.conf from top dir
8ac074d slightly change format of logged debug info ; don't log event date if it is just 'NaN' ;
4ea80fb add GetLighttpdConfig() to ; update data.template to include sqlite zip ; add debug line to MakeSummaryPages() ; rename htaccess template ; add sqlite zip to MakeDataPage() ;
29dd909 update post.php.template to work (and link to new item html)
a210ee8 update todo
ffd9418 update htaccess_php.template (renamed from htaccess.for.php.template
ede1e11 change post.template so that links don't shift around
4fd8b3a add lighttpd config to templates
f5ca297 remove default/admin/lighttpd/note.txt ; add default/admin/lighttpd/enable ; remove trailing eol in default/admin/php/enable ; update default/tagset/all (add funny) ;
fa7844c add missing <br>s on identity.template
48738ac re-add $prefillUsername to default value on id_create ; improve formatting
d1bfa80 add <br> to item_listing_wrapper to account for browsers without table support
32c2eed add semicolons to menu items and add semicolon after each item ;
dc33f6b update .gitignore
acd21b2 fix blank lines/missing blank lines
3c8e3b8 refactor
42320af remove p.gif creation from ; rearrange js in GetTopItemsPage ;
3096348 update todo.txt
8fee06f remove p.gif from htmlstart.template
058c571 disable auto-redirect in post.js
4522771 hide the "insert location" link from write form; add/fix debug info recording functionality
0b32bab add default/admin/lighttpd/note.txt
a1e0215 change pingback.js to use favicon.ico instead of dedicated p.gif
5fde9b1 move geo stuff from write.js to geo.js
42501de remove comment; if write form requests signing without a key, just submit it unsigned
a63dbf3 if clock is hidden leave it that way
66fa439 rejigger stylesheet
2144d3d remove #eventCreate from default.css
5d25a76 update todo
8beabc6 rename prefillText to initText for whatever reason ; remove write form from advanced manual page ; refactor GetWritePage() ; remove writeonload.js from addevent page ; rename writeonload.js to write.js ;
3175536 remove unnecessary message from identity.template
db171e9 add itemcount.template
9f13e56 remove trailing \n in some defaults
378dc3d make clock class=advanced
96cb798 remove spasibo.php and spasibo2.php, no longer necessary
85de4dd make post.php echo post.html first thing ; make post.php respect cron.lock
74c9dbc make gitflow not add and commit everything when initializing html/txt repo
bbdc91f change order of and in
553f498 fix if statement in
43ee030 remove html/txt git repo init from clean-build
c53effd make menu underline colors more visible ;
153ad80 make post.template look nicer
6de0900 update todo.txt
ac9b022 if addedtime token is added by unauthorized user, still make it more human-readable ( just don't apply to db )
d7cdff3 add form target changing for reply form ; limit profile vote buttons to just the pubkey set ; add profile.js to empty index page ; remove references to removed spasibo.php ; add more informative message to write page when no existing items ; add some debug output ;
b0dbfa0 add if (document.getElementById) wrapper to showHideForms()
167a186 add getAvatar() to avatar.js ; remove getAvatar() from crypto.js
89fa575 uncomment extra controls on write form...
28519de make clock color "!important" ; improve .advanced and .beginner styling
435f87f expand on compatibility messages in identity.template
b572930 move 'admin' link in top menu, and make it an advanced link
0cffcaa change post.php to include post.html file instead of redirecting
78ee519 remove fingerprint and timestamp checkboxes, as the backend is buggy
e6470d5 formatting item.template
f682d37 minor change in disclaimer wording
ee27f28 make DBGetTouchedPages return NEWEST requests first
f8a2407 add php stuff and comments to lighttpd.conf
b29e817 sort topics by timestamp as well as score
4f0b269 fix untitled event bug ; move default/logo_text under default/logo/logo_text, fix minor bug ; add support for config/logo/enabled ;
5856b8b add RemoveEmptyDirectories() to
f9ff3bf add RemoveEmptyDirectories() to
926040e add removal of empty directories in html/*
119bb17 update todo
e821008 add more logic and fix bug in post.php
4886140 replace UrlExists() with PingUrl() in voting.js.template ;
9778dd6 add post.php substitution when crypto.js is written
08baaec fix typos in
b10cbb9 add post.php to list of submit receivers
ad19924 temporarily default to php in voting.js
886d8f6 remove trailing \n from string/en/menu/abyss
ab6b8a0 change default method to share pubkey
92a4095 add sub BuildMessage() to ; add clarity to status messages ;
3f8f28a add writebuttons.js to item pages (for reply form) ; rejigger top menu code a little, add admin link ; add post.php generation (if php is enabled) ; move MakePage() from to ; fix (minor) bug in + organize_files=1
3466e83 update todo
b520a05 replace a non-websafe color in default/primary_colors
4c48462 update header caption in item_listing_wrapper.template
99d7a38 fix tabs in many files
b6be2a8 fix tabs in profile.js
d335da1 fix tabs in default.css.template
1c21539 fix spaces to tabs in bokeh.template
fa09b0c add template for post.php shim
201940d fix indents in some templates
65bf837 fix space indents in
390cbeb remove unused directories from @dirsThatShouldExist ; add comments ; make debug output nicer ; add caching of current verison to all cache functions ; PutHtmlFile() add another .html page if current item corresponds to a 404 fix variable naming in GetServerKey() ;
99010b6 fix indentation at the bottom of ; make tag_cloud page optional ;
d0b30b9 only log new item attributes in if there's a server key to sign with
151308f update docs
292042c add clarifying comments in buttonSignOut() ; remove write-page-specific code from crypto.js and move it to write.js ; correct space indents to tabs ; change method of sharing public key ;
536a375 include code to identify self-profile in setAva() ; change it to update specific element (instead of inserting element into page)
9e7cbd9 add link to abyss on stats page
4194c70 remove trailing space in admin/ssi/enable
1d96ecc rename showHideCheckbox() to saveCheckbox() ; minor modifications to id_ forms and preferences.template ; rename preference from refresh_ to notify_on_change ; add refresh on display_username pref change ;
a714f1b fix formatting in some css templates
015b55f add default/html/character_avatars
ab19008 remove trailing space in accept_404_url_text
adb49b5 move default/vote_limit to default/admin/vote_limit ; fix issue with config/gpg/capture_stderr_output ;


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