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(╯°□°)╯ ʞundɹǝqʎƆ


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 #Perl Routines to Manipulate London, v 0.0.0 1792/02/23 08:16:43


 #Copyright (c) 1792-2002 William Blake

 #Unpublished work reconstituted

 #Permission granted to use and modify and append this library so long as the

 #copyright above is maintained, modifications are documented, and credit is

 #given for any use of the library.

 # Thanks are due to many people for reporting bugs and suggestions

 # For more information, see

 # Grave the sentence deep. My love of London held in torment.

 # Heavy, rains of cruelty, disguised in spectacular investments.

 # Accumulate interest in Jealousy,Terror and Secrecy.

 # The bloated Square mile

 # Gifts this isle.

 # In this citys dark gates - the tree of knowledge leads to this mansion built on misery.

 # Here the dress code of secrecy cloaks the flesh in fear.

 # This is how the proprietary city gets built,

 # Hidden in every proprietary street,

 # In every proprietary house,

 # In every proprietary possession we meet.


 # London - Simple Act Redress

 # The American War was the last judgment on England.

 # Inoculated against the sewer. Albion's Angels

 # Rise up on wings of iron & steel, spreadsheet & rule:

 # To gift sanitation & sulphurous fire to:

 # The wheat of Europe,

 # The rice of Asia,

 # The potato of America,

 # The maize of Africa.

 # Massacre-bloated, angels crawl from the corpse of war.

 # Five times fatter than when they entered.

 # Choking lays the sickening Leveller-republican. Caustic fumes - dusts,

 # gust from wars - grinding wheels - mills of cruelty - mills of terror, jealousy & secrecy.

 # Every light ray turned to shadow and despair. to rikets - scabies - ticks & lice.

 # Until the dark sun never set on the Hanoverian empire.


 # Rise then the Leveller-republic, rise on wings of knowledge flowing in the domain of the many.

 # For heaven is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime.

 # For hell is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime.


 # This Library is for redressing the gross loss to Londons Imagination of children

 # beaten enslaved fucked and exploited to death from 1792  to the present.

 # We see this loss in every face marked with weakness or marked with woe.

 use PublicAddressSystem qw(Hampstead Westminster Lambeth Chertsey);

 # PublicAddressSystem is an I/O library for the manipulation of the wheelen

 # Vortex4 129db outside warning system.


 # from Hampstead in the North, to Peckham in the South,

 # from Bow in the East to Chertsey in the West.

 # Find and calculate the gross lung-capacity of the children screaming from 1792 to the present

 # calculate the air displacement needed to represent the public scream

 # set PublicAddressSystem intance and transmit the output.

 # to do this we approximate that there are 7452520 or so faces that live in the charter'd streets of London.

 # Found near where the charter'd Thames does flow.



 local @SocialClass = qw( RentBoy YoungGirl-Syphalitic-Innoculator CrackKid  WarBeatenKid     ForcedFeatalAbortion Chimney-Sweeps UnCategorisedVictim);

 # These are a series of anonymous hashes;

 # At least one is required at compile time:


 local %DeadChildIndex;

 # The Data for the DeadChildIndex should be structured as follows:


 # %{DeadChildIndex} => {

 # IndexValue => {

 # Name => " Child name  If known else undefined ";

 # Age => " Must be under 14 or the code will throw an

 # exception due to $COMPLICITY";

 # Height => "Height of the child"

 # SocialClass => "RentBoy YoungGirl-Syphalitic-Innoculator

 # CrackKid WarBeatenKid ForcedFeatalAbortion

 # Chimney-Sweeps UncategorisedVictim "

 # }, As many as found

 # }


 # CryOfEveryMan

 # First we add the Class attribute to the DeadChild instance under review

 # Next add the VitalLungCapacity of that childs ability to scream

 sub CryOfEveryMan {

        my $index = shift;

        # Because a child may belong to one or more SocialClass

        # traverse the list adding the prospects of that SocialClass

        foreach my $Class (@SocialClasses){

        # Add the contents of this $Class to $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}

  # Class attribute

                if( $Class eq $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class}){

                        $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class} = %{$Class} ;


                       warn "$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Name} is not a member of = $Class\n";



        $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class} = %{UncategorisedVictim} if ! $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class};

        # The average daily scream output of fear for the period 1792-2002 is 6.

        my $TotalDaysLived = ($DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{Class}->{LifeExpectancy} * 365)

        # Calculate the gross $Lung Capacity For Screaming for this child

        my $LungCapacityForScreaming = &Get_VitalLungCapacity(\%{$DeadChildIndex->{$Index}}) *  $TotalDaysLived;

        # asign to $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{ScreamInFear}

        $DeadChildIndex->{$Index}->{ScreamInFear} = $LungCapacityForScreaming;


 # need a function to play the sound file for

 # lenght of time * volume of speaker system * air displacement

 # The Get_VitalLungCapacity routine uses the Age and Height entry of the DeadChildIndex

 # to calculate the Lung-Capacity of the dead child. This is then used to calculate the

 # volume and capacity of screams when terrified.

        sub Get_VitalLungCapcity{

        my $DeadChild = shift;

        my (

        $VitalLungCapcity, #  vital lung capacity in liters of air

        $Height, #  is height in centimeters

        $Age, #  is age in years


        $Height = $DeadChild->{Height} unless ! defined $DeadChild->{Height};

        $Age = $DeadChild->{Age} unless ! defined $DeadChild->{Age};

        if ($Height && $Age){

                # lung capacity increases with height, but decreases with age.

                # So a person screams the most when they are as tall as they're going to be.

                # (Probably about 18 or 20 years old.)

                 # This falls outside of our basic parameter of 0 to 14 years.

                # But the calculation is still useful

                 $VitalLungCapacity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69 ;

                     return $VitalLungCapacity;


                # we may not know the height, try to guess from SocialClass

                if(! $Height){$Height = Get_HeightFromClass(Height => $DeadChild->{SocialClass})}

                # we may not know the Age, try to guess from SocialClass

                if(! $Age){$Age = Get_AgeFromClass(Age => $DeadChild->{SocialClass})}

                if($Age && $Height){

                        $VitalLungCapcity = ((0.041 * $Height) - (0.018 * $Age)) - 2.69 ;

                        return $VitalLungCapacity;


                # Approximate it

                # The average 6 year old child is about 120 cm tall. So $Height =130.0 and $Age = 6.0

                # Put this into our equation and we get that the VitalLungCapacity is about 2.1 liters.

                # The average 14 year old teenager is about 160 cm tall. So Height=160 and Age=14.

                # This gives us a vital lung capacity of about 3.6 liters.


                               $VitalLungCapacity = ((3.6) - (2.1) / 8.0) * $Age;

                                return $VitalLungCapcity;


                         $VitalLungCapacity = ((3.6) - (2.1) / 8.0) * int(rand(14)) ;

                        return $VitalLungCapcity;






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i eply i want tow be ppopular

u can hwlp me/

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hellol my name is anonymsof

hellol my name is anonymsof

afdfaqqq thanks

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what's up nn4

what's up nn4

good to see you still around


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offby1 indahouse

offby1 indahouse


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the reason i have been disabling js is partially to show compatibility, but also to hide the js errors which crop up, especially in this old...

the reason i have been disabling js is partially to show compatibility, but also to hide the js errors which crop up, especially in this older release.

as you can see, this site is configured to require a profile (through js, so no-js is unaffected), but opera 12 can't create a profile, though it can see that it's missing...

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whoa, it updates right away!

whoa, it updates right away!

that's amazing. thank you, hosting.

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WARNING! May cause space-time warps, loss of appetite, euphoria. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use only with good intentions. Do no harm.